Best in class processes and partnerships.


From the beginning, starting with cultivating ingredients in the field, we focus on building long-term partnerships. We believe value creation flourishes when there is a genuine spirit of collaboration, entrepreneurship and trust among all stakeholders. The manufacturing and production processes behind plant-based foods involve innovative technologies, unique processing methods and new ingredients to create delicious and sustainable alternatives.

Our four pioneering subsidiary companies

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Real sugar with fewer or no calories.

The best meat since the discovery of the pea.

Excellence in extrusion.

A growing network with a shared mission

By collaborating with like-minded organisations, we can achieve an even more significant impact and create a better food ecosystem for current and future generations. Our partner network provides agricultural, technological, and research and development expertise from field to fork. In addition to our four subsidiary companies, we collaborate with leading extraction experts, including Emsland and others. Finally, we are proud to belong to an esteemed scientific community, collaborating with institutions like Charité, KIT, and RWTH Aachen.