Founded: 2017
Employees: 18
Headquarters: Elsdorf, Germany

Real sugar with fewer or no calories

SAVANNA Ingredients GmbH develops, produces, and sells functional carbohydrates from sugar beets in an interdisciplinary team of experts. Functional carbohydrates are rare sugars and other carbohydrates with a broad spectrum of unique properties. The SAVANNA product portfolio currently comprises allulose and cellobiose. Allulose is obtained from the fructose in beet sugar and, with 0.2-0.4 kcal/g, has only a tenth of the calories of table sugar but as a natural sugar. Savanna has developed a breakthrough method for producing allulose on a large scale. Cellobiose promotes healthy bacteria in the gut flora, resulting in good health. It can replace lactose and contains half the calories of conventional sugar. It provides a range of prebiotic properties in animal feed, too.

Inspired by natural innovation

Savanna opens up new opportunities for sustainable plant-based protein alternatives thanks to groundbreaking fermentation processes. Its R&D department is constantly experimenting with different applications. They also partner with other companies in the food industry to help optimise recipe formulations with functional carbohydrates. This includes developing a promising sensory product profile using allulose and cellobiose. You can also tap into their knowledge for legal, patent management and the successful positioning of your product.

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