The Nature’s Richness Group.
Let the good grow.

The Nature’s Richness Group is the dynamic New Foods division of the Pfeifer & Langen Group. We do more than create delicious plant-based food. We apply cutting-edge technology and processes that maximise value and sustainability from field to fork, providing consumers with high-quality alternative proteins and functional foods. Our mission is to transform the entire food system one plate at a time. Join us on this exciting journey and enjoy the taste of plant-based progress.

Our Companies

Pioneering for good

Innovation and the latest technologies drive our targeted activities and investments – everything focused on unlocking the richness of nature to create disruptive, delicious and functional plant-based foods for all. We partner with more than 12,000 European farmers. We are involved in researching and developing new, sustainable solutions for alternative plant-based proteins. And thanks to our fast-growing family of pioneering subsidiaries, including endori, VBites, Savanna, nexnoa and Naturkost, we are in an optimal position to drive change.

About Us

Let the good grow.

We believe a field-to-fork business model is fundamental when addressing resource scarcity, sustainable agriculture, and food production – for all. With access to 150+ years of food industry experience and the ultra-modern, environmentally friendly facilities and methods of the Pfeifer & Langen Group of Companies, we are perfectly equipped to meet the highest quality expectations along the entire food chain. The result? Good value, good food and good for the planet.

From field to fork

It’s not a question of one fork but millions of forks that will change our food systems for good. The Nature’s Richness group develops new food experiences to make it easy for consumers to reimagine how they eat. We have made it our business to be a category leader in shopper engagement, a change enabler for retail and a solution finder for food service and industrial channels. A truly cross-channel approach to achieve the change we all desire.

We choose the best seeds, focus on regional fields, and implement optimal crop rotations to ensure long-term environmental balance. Transparency and strict controls throughout the cultivation process provide the finest products for our customers. What ends up on the plate is high-quality food. It's hard to tell the difference in texture and flavour from animal meat. Above all, we are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable practices, ensuring no meat is involved in our value chain, contributing to a greener and more ethical future.
We know from customer and market insights, as well as from personal experience, that taste drives behaviour when choosing the foods we put on our plates. One thing is for sure: Taste starts with good-quality ingredients. We also recognise that the discerning consumer holds the power to shape the future of food, so we are dedicated to meeting their evolving needs. With taste as our North Star, we aim to redefine the culinary experience, so people happily choose to put sustainable plant-based alternatives on their daily menus.
Technology changes the game for good. Our cutting-edge production technology and deep in-house expertise in research and science help us set the pace of innovation and differentiate ourselves from the competition. Patented methods for functional foods will revolutionise how we nourish our bodies and allow us to transform quality while reducing resources and costs. An extensive industrial network means we can continue to develop through collaboration and joint investment in the future.
As part of the Pfeifer & Langen family holding, 'field to fork' has been in our DNA for over 150 years. Lean structures ensure adaptability and efficiency in a rapidly changing market. Our company fosters innovation, and empowers teams to seize business opportunities, benefiting the entire food industry. We adhere to the subsidiarity principle, encouraging autonomy and accountability in decision-making within our business units. As personally liable partners in a 100% family-owned business, we take full responsibility for our actions.