Founded: 2021
Employees: a start-up staff of seven
Headquarters: Karlsruhe, Germany

Excellence in extrusion

The market leader in wet and dry extrusion competence, nexnoa is setting new standards in the industry. Extrusion is the key technology behind the ongoing food revolution for more sustainable food systems, such as plant-based meat alternatives and zero food waste. At nexnoa, we bridge the gap between groundbreaking research and disruptive innovation by providing and working on an extrusion platform for highly dynamic, efficient, and collaborative projects.

We work with the food industry in three decisive core areas

Technology plays a central role in food production. Shifting to sustainable plant-based raw materials and upcycling underutilised side streams of plant-based food processing and raw materials require key food technologies such as extrusion. Until now, extrusion developments have relied heavily on a limited trial-and-error approach. At nexnoa, we continuously develop and work with a mechanistic approach and specific process engineering and materials science tools that make extrusion technology more accessible for targeted processes and food design.

Our international team of experts offers customers holistic solutions for their individual extrusion projects – without interface losses, liability risks or time delays.

In other words: excellence in extrusion

Learn how extrusion can contribute to zero-waste food production.

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